Who is Science Transmitter?

I have a Master’s degree in Biology but also studied Graphic Design and Photography. Prior to becoming a fulltime photographer and graphic designer, I worked as a biologist for almost 10 years. During my career as a biologist, I worked in a lab, but also as a policy adviser for the Dutch government.
In the latter function, one of my main roles was explaining certain scientific insights to government officials who didn’t always have a scientific background.

During my first stay in the US, I worked as an “Artist in Residence” at The Pennsylvania State University. In this position, I worked for several labs and departments and helped them to get their scientific message across by providing them with graphics, photos and videos. I also worked for several institutes/companies outside of the university.

After relocating to Munich, Germany in 2014, I continued working for labs at The Pennsylvania State University, but I also had clients in the UK, The Netherlands, Finland and Germany. I worked on figures for publications, a photo shoot for the scientific journal Nature, grant proposals and a Coursera online course on circadian rhythms to name a few things.

At the moment, I’m living and working in Orlando, Florida, USA, but I’m happy to discuss ideas no matter where you are located.

The use of images in science

Images play an important role in the scientific world and can often say more than a thousand words. You might need a nice infographic for your brand new website to explain the things you’re working on to your target audience. Or you’re about to go to this big conference and you need a great poster that will capture everyone’s attention. You might be writing a grant proposal that could benefit from some clear and concise figures or you’re working on setting up a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and you need someone to record your lectures or illustrate them with animations or slides.

And what if you’re preparing a paper for publication and need your figures to be compliant with the standards of the journal you’re aiming for? After weeks of anticipation, it turns out that that journal rejects your paper, because the reviewers (very likely, it’s reviewer #2) didn’t understand the importance of your work. Now you have to redo all your figures to make sure the next journal you’re trying will accept them.

Science Transmitter can assist you with all of this.

What can I do for you?

Science Transmitter can provide you with the following services:

If you’re interested in working with me or would like some more information, please get in touch !

Thank you,
Roel Fleuren