“We were incredibly lucky to engage Roel Fleuren and Science Transmitter for helping us with our Coursera (online course) on Chronobiology. I would like to stress that Roel worked on all levels of this project, from simple and complex graphics tasks to animated and live filming. He approached each assignment with openness, creativity, and – importantly – speed. He never missed an opportunity to improve our concept of visualising the data. He is a wonderful colleague to work with and he knows how to do an online course from beginning to end!”

Martha Merrow and Till Roenneberg
Professors of Chronobiology at the Institute for Medical Psychology
Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, Germany

“A picture is worth a thousand words. Roel has the extraordinary gift of being able to create scientific art. His graphics are pleasing to the eye, only as complex as necessary and scientifically accurate. I have used his graphics in grant applications, lectures and even on coffee mugs produced as lab giveaways. He is as personable as he is talented! You will not be disappointed.”

Craig E. Cameron
Eberly Chair in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
The Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA, USA

“Journalists are always asking for pictures, and indeed the right picture can make a story run in the media – even get on the front cover of a journal. Never does anyone want a photo we can takes ourselves – they need something striking, arty, unusual. Roel did two shoots for us. Nothing we do is very visually sensuous but Roel, pointed in the direction of stuff we use — hands, gloves, pills, bottles, mice — made striking art happen. If he was still here, I’d get a lot more done. The right images need to be ready to go when journos ask. Working with Roel was a pleasure. He wrestled magic from the mundane. I speckle his images through my scientific talks.”

Andrew Read
Evan Pugh Professor of Biology and Entomology
Director, Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics
The Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA, USA

“I’ve worked with Roel when I needed a portrait of myself – this was not a trivial challenge because it needed to convey some of my work in the image as well, which is inherently difficult for someone who works primarily with code and data. The portrait ended up being the best picture I have of myself and I have been using it everywhere ever since it was taken. Working with Roel was a pleasure and I would highly recommend him for any visual work in science.”

Marcel Salathé
Professor at the Lab of Digital Epidemiology
School of Life Sciences, Global Health Institute
EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

“For my line of work, it is important to be highly “visible” to a broad scientific community. This allows us to broadly disseminate the research that my laboratory is pursuing and to recruit high caliber people. Given the highly interconnected, online, global access world that we now find ourselves living in, my laboratory website needs to be readily accessible to anyone around the globe, through a high quality interface. I feel very fortunate to have worked with Roel on designing a simple, clean, informative, elegant and easy-to-use website that can be readily updated.  It was a truly enjoyable experience trading ideas back and forth with Roel’s imaginative input and watching him make it happen. I am very pleased with our portal to the world – thank you Roel!”

Manuel Llinás
Associate Professor
Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
The Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA, USA

“I am a biology professor at a big, research-based institution. My website is a first point of contact for prospective students, postdocs, and collaborators, so it was very important for me to have a professional website with a logo that conveyed something about the work that my group does. Roel already had a bunch of experience with graphics for science, so was a natural choice for me to approach about a logo. He was endlessly patient with me as we started to build an idea of what I was looking for, and he effortlessly adapted my thoughts about early drafts into new designs. Ultimately, I am incredibly happy with what Roel produced for me. My logo is absolutely the best part of my website.”

Nicole Mideo
Assistant Professor
Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

“Biocides are key in integrated approaches to disinfection, conservation of products and materials, and pest control. While they help us stay healthy and save energy and resources, they are potentially harmful when used or disposed of incorrectly. Although we are surrounded with articles treated with biocides, most people never heard of biocides. It is clearly a challenge to capture the products and their functions, and their associated sentiments (poisons or cures?) in images. Roel took the opportunity to work with color, people, objects, settings and scales to get that message across.
I am impressed with the solutions he came up with.”

Mark Montforts
Coordinator of the Biocides Expertise Network 2009-2014
The Netherlands